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Cyranny’s quickie!



What’s something common from your childhood that will seem strange to future generations?



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31 thoughts on “Cyranny’s quickie!

    1. Oh my… Yes!!! I remember when I used to sneak up to the family computer really late at night and have a chat with some friends while my parents were sleeping. And the communication would fail, and I’d have to get the connexion back on praying that that horrible modem noise wouldn’t wake them up… Mouahahahahahah

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    1. We still have them all around the city, but I know that they disappeared at least in some US cities… I remember looking for one for hours in Chicago, and that was back in 2013 or so 😉

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  1. lol – I can think of so many things – the road atlas in the car we used when going on holiday for a start!
    …and I am sure that in the future people will wonder what on earth the world was thinking in allowing Primula squeezy cheese.

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    1. Oh my… This is a good one too. I am pretty sure we won’t have to wait for generations before people lose the ability of reading an actual map! The GPS aps are making us dumber by the day 😉 (And I had never heard about that Primula squeezy “cheese” but after googling it up, I am quite confused… Does this actually taste any good? Mouahahahahaha)


    1. LOOL I don’t know about you in Ontario, but we still have stores which recorded messages have a first option that goes “If you have a touch-tone phone, press 1”, implying that people with a rotary phone wouldn’t go through the menu of choices…. It always makes me smile 😉

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  2. CD Walkman!
    My mp3 player broke in 2019 but I didn’t have enough phone data to spam YouTube on my journey to work. So, I dug out the old Walkman, stuck a couple of batteries & a CD in it and headed off. When I was taking my bag off at my desk one of the younger staff members was in awe and asked me what on earth it was… he had never seen one or heard of it before!


  3. I seem to keep coming back to this one with new answers lol
    Teddy Ruxpin (I can’t spell it – I had the knock off anyway lol)
    Music. All music – from the hair to the keytars to the method of listening: boombox, walkman, diskman.
    Plugs. Like those things that used to connect your keyboard to your computer or your headphones to your stereo system – now it’s all wireless.
    Travel agencies
    Talking to a real life person to make a hotel reservation
    Coupons – preprinted on paper and pre-collected in newspapers (Yeah, newspapers too), or the coupon books that you could buy
    Going to the store to pick up something that you don’t really need today but will need in about a week so you don’t forget to get it by then and then loosing it (rather than ordering it now and not thinking about it until the day it shows up which is EXACTLY when you needed it)
    waiting for anything
    Oh man, there is just so much…


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