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Cyranny’s quickie!


What would an adult version of the ice-cream truck sell?


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19 thoughts on “Cyranny’s quickie!

  1. This is a family-oriented blog, right? Thought it was. 😉 I’m going to go with that old stand by – LIQUOR. An adult ice cream truck would sell all variety and manner of cocktails, beer, lager, ale, wine…it’d be a BIG truck. Now actually I thought of ice cream novelties in ‘interesting’ shapes first, but figured the family friendly idea didn’t take to that kind of gutter thinking! LOL 😉

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    1. In the pre-covid times, Chéri and I thought that all that was missing downtown, with all the foodtrucks, was a cocktail truck to provide people with a nice drink to accompany their meal 😉 So I think we’re on the same wave-lenght (but I sure would be curious about what your non-family friendly answer would have been :P)


      1. Well, there are plenty of other places to get adult items… why not just leave an ice cream truck an ice cream truck? Just because you’re old enough to get adult items doesn’t mean you no longer like ice cream. The only issue is you no longer run down the street with a few quarters in your hand, you gotta run with a $20 and hope he has $3 in change for you.

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