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I usually don’t write much when I post an After Eight Moment, because that’s the point of these posts… They are supposed to be mainly about the picture itself.

But I decided to make an exception today. Because this is my blog, and you know what they say… My blog, my rules!

Anyway, a snail, again, I know!

I’ve said it a number of times, I love snails, because they are intriguing little creatures. They appear, out of nowhere when it rains, and go hiding God knows where as soon as soon as the sun finds a crack in the clouds. They are equally odd and awsome. And, let’s face it, they are the best photography subjects of the animal reign, because of their slow ways. As long as you are patient enough to wait for them to let their eye balls out after the initial surprise of meeting you, of course.

Two days ago, the conversation led us to talking about snails, during our Skypy Friday session. I don’t remember what took us there, but Rebecca, from Fake Flamenco mentionned something interesting. That’s Fake Flamenco, and not Flamingo. Like the danse, not the bird. Then again, this is not entirely true. It is, but in English, because in Spanish, it both refers to the danse AND the bird. (By the way, in French, Flamenco only refers to the danse, and the bird is called a flamand which sounds nothing close to Flamenco. Oh, and as a side note – while we’re at it –  in Danish, Flamenco refers to the danse, and Flamingo to the bird, like in English)

 Confused? Don’t be, just trust me, and click here, to meet this awesome lady. 

So, snails… Rebecca told us that she had spotted one on the wall of her building, and that her apartment is on the 6th floor.

If your first thought about this is ”What’s so amazing about that?” we definately don’t have the same ways of thinking. I’ll skip the ”Why would a snail climb that high up a building?” – we could talk about it all night. We stuck to ”What do 6 floors to a snail, mean for a human being?”

First of all, we Googled the height of an average floor. 2,66 meters – 266 centimeter. Six floors mean 1596 centimeters. If we agree that a medium snail is about 3 centimeters long, that means that the little thing climbed (at least, because it possibily continued the ascension further up) 532 times its own size.

I am 5’4” (162,56 cm). If I wanted to equal this little buddy’s impressive climb, I’d have to make my way up a building 864,8 (let’s settle for 865) meters high! That’s 325 floors high!!

Whoa!! And that’s bare-handed, though snails don’t have hands.

AND (if that’s not impressive enough as it is…) the little critter carries its house on its back. I won’t consider actually carrying my apartment on my back (I can’t lift up many pieces of furniture in my apartment, let alone the whole thing), let’s just say I should have a backpack with everything to go camping, if I survive the challenge.

I have four words for you… Not going to happen.

So if you thought that Rebecca’s snail anecdote was of little interest, think again!


The Little Things are always amazing, if you take time to think about them.   




If you want to know what After Eight Moments are about, click here.

Description for the visually impaired; Close up on a yellow-shelled snail, on the side-walk after a rain shower.

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