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You’re not Linda…


If you have an Instagram account, I would recommend reading this post.

This evening was starting on a good note. For one thing, my work day was over, which is always nice. It is our National Holiday today, St-Jean Baptiste, and that is very festive all over the province. And on top of that the Canadiens are possibly going to send Vegas’ hockey team back to the US to play golf for the summer, meaning that my team would be in the finals for the Stanley Cup (that’d be a first since 1993).

So all in all, everything was absolutely lovely.

And suddenly I noticed that Linda was following me on Instagram. Or should I say following me again. I didn’t really think anything of it, because she already had two different accounts. Maybe she just wanted a new account to get back in touch with good ol’ friends?

Linda is a blogger I was really close to, when I started blogging. You might know her too (if you can make a link between her name and a cabbage patch, you know who I am talking about). When Linda lost one of her sons in a tragic way, we drifted apart, because I felt that she needed space to go through her terrible grief. We hadn’t talked since then, even if I always kept her in my heart.

So when she direct-messaged me asking how I was doing, I jumped on the occasion to get back in touch.

I drew her the main lines of my last two years, but she was a bit evasive when I asked how she had been doing. Strange, when you know Linda, but it had been a long time, and who was I to judge her answers? But after a little chit chat, ”Linda sent me the following message:


I hadn’t so I asked for more details…


Hmmm. If you know Linda, you’re probably appaled that I could have mistaken this person for our dear friend. If you don’t know her… Well, let’s just say that her English level is well above average, and she would never be that sloppy about her mother tongue. The other thing that really amused me at that point, was that Linda and I are both Canadians (Not Canadiens, we don’t play hockey, stay focused!!), and I couldn’t  see any reason for the US to want to give out money to random Canadian citizens.

It smelled bad. And I mean durian-bad.

I quickly thought about a very simple question, that Linda could answer in a heartbeat.

Linda, what’s my first name?

The answer confirmed my doubts (aka convictions).

Why are you asking this?

I was tempted to play along a little longer, if only to keep that scammer from trying to fool someone possibly more gullible than me. But I had an awesome evening coming, and I didn’t really have time to entertain an *sshole.

Because you are not Linda.

This didn’t please whoever had tried to grant me with $50,000. I must admit that it was very ungrateful of me, but hey! I don’t like hoaxes, what can I say?

Fake Linda tried to engage into video chats, which I all refused. But he/she wouldn’t give up, and even asked me if I had been hacked, saying that he/she was trying to start a video. That word alone confirmed that I had to get rid of that person right away.

I blocked the annoying stalker, and sent the real Linda a note, warning her that someone might try to do this to other friends of hers…

Hackers are creative, and I’ll give this one that; he/she did fool me at first. But with a little luck, my half hour encounter with fake Linda just might help at least one person from giving just a little too much information.

And who knows? It just might be the turning point, getting real Linda back in touch with me 😉

Win-win! (and I really hope the Canadiens will win too!!)

3 thoughts on “You’re not Linda…

  1. Something similar happened to me this week too. A blogger friend in the UAE reached out via Facebook messenger asking for money. I had to delete messenger right away. I wonder if whatever this is is attacking bloggers.


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