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From the other side…


Did you think I’d skip two weeks in a row?

Two weeks of what exactly, you might wonder? Of spying on my alleged serial killer neighbours, of course!

Taking out the trash was (one of) my job(s) for years. Chéri’s and my schedules used to always make sure that I was the only one free to take care of the garbage. I blame Murphy for that. Luckily, he (Murphy) ended up taking a break, and so did I, from taking the black plastic bags out of the apartment.

But yesterday night, Chéri had a bad fall (I suspect he did it on purpose), and he hurt his right hand. So, I was back in charge of the trash. I took the two bags and walked down the stairs, and found out that my landlord’s bag had been torn apart by squirrels or raccoons (only God knows). I went back upstairs and got an empty bag to double my landlord’s.

Once the trash was out on the sidewalk, I decided to take a stroll on the other side of the street. The annoying neighbour with the squeaky car engine strap had parked their vehicule in front of the dirt pile, (There obviously is a scheme going on there) was hidding the garbage bags on the side of the street.

If you look accross the street, you can see our little rainbow glowing.

I really wanted to kick it (it’s been a constant request lately….). But I only had flip-flops on, and didn’t wan’t to hurt myself.

Next week, maybe.

Hold on.

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