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Letting go…



Remind me why we’re doing this?

Alex was nervous, sitting on the side of the canal, a good six feet apart from his bestfriend.

The pandemic is over now, Alex… You really need to get over it. You can do it, Tiger!

To prove his willingness, he pulled his mask down.

You’re right.

He started to scan the passers-by to find the perfect ”victim”. It would free him, and flip his world over. When a cute girl came up jogging his way, he knew it was time.

Alex stood up, in the jogger’s way.

Hugging her, he suddenly felt free. 



I might just be stubborn, given my past fails, but I am giving a shot at the NYC Midnight Challenge, again. This is a practice for the 100-Word Microfiction challenge starting in two weeks. The prompts for this story were Action and or Adventure / Hugging someone / Remind.

3 thoughts on “Letting go…

  1. You are a good writer, and I admire your tenacity to keep trying. I took a hint from you and entered a contest as well…my first. Scary, but thanks for the example. Good luck!


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