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Cyranny’s quickie!



Are you more of a leader, or a follower by nature?


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18 thoughts on “Cyranny’s quickie!

  1. Over the course of a 50+ year working career, I’ve learned to do three things: 1) I can lead when the situation calls for it with full confidence in my ability; 2) I can follow and totally support a project if there is a stronger leader than me; 3) or I can stay the hell out of the road altogether and not interfere or be a part of the team.

    At home, there are things I have more expertise than my wife – I lead. There are things she has more expertise – I follow. There are things neither one of us feel confident about, so we huddle our thoughts to come up with a plan and share the lead. If we can’t come up with or don’t feel confident in the situation, we drop it and walk away as might be appropriate.

    Being the leader all the time can be a PITA and very stressful.

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    1. I would say that shows a lot of wisdom… I know I can take the lead if people need me to, but lately I’ve been more of a follower. And sometimes, I feel like I’m not even good at following. LOL Hopefully that’s just a phase, and I’ll get back on my feet sooner than later 😛

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  2. Depends on the situation. I prefer to follow actually, because less responsibility…but I often surprise myself and take over leading something (especially if the ‘leader’ isn’t doing a bang up job). Obviously now, neither. I don’t go ‘out’.


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