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Cyranny’s quickie!



What would you say, is your signature dish? 


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27 thoughts on “Cyranny’s quickie!

      1. waterless and becoming seriously annoyed with the situation. other than that? we’re still breathing and that, in and of itself, is such a Blessing!

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      2. i’m back..trying like heck to understand the STUPID editor..sigh. it’s worth dealing with it to talk with my bloggery buddies though.

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  1. probably porcupines…….no, not the critter. They are little meatballs with rice, garlic, onion and basil cooked in a tomato sauce. served over rice. They swell up while cooking and the rice sticks out of them looking like..yea a really wierd looking porcupine.

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  2. I’m not sure what a signature dish is. Is that something you are good at and enjoy making? In that case, it’s köfta (Greek meatballs with zuchini and tomatoes). At least, when I still cooked independently, I loved making that. I did use the Knorr world dishes package to make it though.

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    1. A signature dish would be your speciality… So I am guessing we’re sticking with the köfta? 😉 I did try them, but it was a long time ago. I’ll have to put them on the menu soon… Hmmm, this Quickie is making me hungry LOL

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      1. The best way to eat eggs! I cook ‘em the same way as in your recipe, using all four steps. But to add to the excitement, I double down, using two pieces of bread and two eggs! I know it’s daring, but I’m that kind of a guy!


    1. I know that a lot of people would be more impressed by the soufflé, but I am a sucker for good, heart warming mac and cheese! I approve your change of signature dish 🙂 Two thumbs up!!


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