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Between Bloggers -That fine line (February 19th FFF)




I was invited (well, not personally, but still…) to join the Fandango’s Friday Flashback!

Fandango scrolls back, every Friday, and gives a second chance to a post he had published on the same date the year before. I thought it was a great way to remember some of the stuff I did a while back, and I decided to participate…

So here it is!

Previously posted on February 19th of 2019, here is a little piece of blogger wisdom. It still feel like a newbie, but this has been one of my most popular posts for some reason.  I hope you’ll enjoy it (again). And wherever you are, stay safe and well!





There are two main types of bloggers.

Those of us who wear a mask. Bloggers who use a nickname, never show themselves, and avoid giving up personal information. Though we know a ”real” person stands behind the character, we never get to truly know these mysterious people.

Then there are bloggers who write under their real name, don’t hesitate to show their face, and share their personal life on a weekly basis.

Both are fine ways to go, and they have their advantages.

I think I stand somewhere in between. I use a nickname, and (very) rarely post pictures of myself. But I have shared a good deal of informations about my life in The Cove.

I think that defining if you want to be anonymous as a blogger is an important thing to ponder when you decide to join the bloggosphere. Because unless you really have no filter, and don’t mind at all what other people think, it will eventually affect what you can or cannot talk about in your blog.

When I started up, a little over three years ago, I thought I never would have to censor myself. I never told my family, friends or co-workers that I was starting a blog. I didn’t want to have to worry about how my mom, my boss or my neighbour would interpret this or that story or piece of poetry.

But as time passed by, and with the number of people I interact with growing, I realized I had to be cautious about what I posted.

That’s probably why I drifted more on the fiction side. Fiction allows me to write pretty much anything I want without fear of hurting anyone’s feelings.

I don’t think I am a bad person, but I did happen to catch some bitter reactions to personal things I had shared. On blogs I visited frequently, from people I considered blogging-friends. Exceptions, really… But still, I didn’t like reading these things.

I know some of you would say ”Don’t mind these people!” But I just can’t.

I just care too much.

This probably just seems like some rambling, but what I mean to say is that if you are starting as a blogger, or if you are considering starting a blog, think about it. Because it is a fine line between writing what you want, and writing what you can.

If you have a tough skin, go ahead, say whatever you want.

If you are soft hearted, think twice….


You can visit the original post here.

3 thoughts on “Between Bloggers -That fine line (February 19th FFF)

  1. Thanks for your thoughts on this. When I started my site, I vowed never to talk about religion or politics…well that went to hell in a handbag recently, and I wrote some politically oriented stuff on Facebook. Like you, I got some pretty visceral feedback. Needless to say it surprised me some, but then it pissed me off. Who are they to put me down in expressing my opinion? I still write about certain political things, but choose my words more careful these days.

    I’ve had second thought thoughts about writing about Black History and all of its warts. There are a lot of folks who would just as soon see Black history stay buried. But, I’ve made up my mind to do this project in spite of the feedback…even if it gets nasty.

    Thanks again. Don’t hide your “voice”. 😊


  2. Sorry to hear that you’ve been the focus of some negative comments. I enjoy the exchanges with people but feel that it will soon be time to move on…


  3. It’s almost impossible to remain truly anonymous. Little bits of you keep sneaking out onto the page and surrendering your secrets. Your alter ego can never be trusted and keeps blurting out all sorts of things about you, – sometimes not only the things that you were trying to hide from others, but even the things that you were trying to hide from yourself. The mask that you were hoping to hide behind begins to look more like you than the face that you wear in public.
    Fortunately both of us have thick skin – a shield of wrinkled leather. I can’t think of anything that’s been said to us that has offended in the least, and if we have offended others then we apologise unreservedly.


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