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Cyranny’s quickie!



Can you live comfortably in doubt, or do you need to to clear everything up to have peace of mind?


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12 thoughts on “Cyranny’s quickie!

  1. I clear up questions (doubts) ASAP. Otherwise they nag at me until they’re resolved. It’s highly uncomfortable. Witness today. I got a very strange email last night, and despite warning bells, I opened the thing. It was from a trusted blogger friend on here. They asked me to do something for them that was highly out of character, and I didn’t do anything. Later when I was here checking comments, I found this same blogger shared that their email had been hacked. I suspect that suspicious email was from the hacker (it was so out of character) and I reported the email as spam. BUT. Doubts crept in and now I’ve changed my own email out (p.i.t.a) because I doubt my old email is secure any longer. I have transferred contacts, so your weekly Friday one will still come through. I can give you my new one if you like, but privately. See? What a long answer, hmmmm?

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  2. I like things settled, always have.  I don’t like anything “hanging over my head”, I would rather get it done and over with no matter what it is.  Right now I’m just trying to cope with the political situation and turn my focus elsewhere.  

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  3. Once I learn of something new, I often have questions that I will naturally think over, reason over, and eventually come to a conclusion. But I am patient within that process – it can take time to explore something, turning it over and looking at it from all angles. I enjoy it, but eventually I like to come to a clear conclusion.

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