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Welcome to Freezingland…


Yup… Mother Nature finally remembered she had an agenda. She’s catching up… B*tch! 😉

10 thoughts on “Welcome to Freezingland…

  1. Now, now…mommie Nature doesn’t like being called a bitch. She’s headed for the soap, and you know what that means? Hahaha….🤣😂

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    1. Mouahahahahahaha yeah, although Mom never had to threaten me with a soap bar as a kid. That was my little brother’s thing 😛 I’m sorry about the cursing… Three snow storms back to back just made me a little cranky. I’m still a sweet gal… I think? 😛


    1. Thank you Miriam…. Awwww a year back I was making lists to make sure we had everything ready for our flight out of the country. Wish we were preparing to sneak to Oz again 😉 Enjoy your summer, dear friend, and keep posting your beautiful pictures on Instagram, you’re keeping us warm! xx

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