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Hidden beauty….


Hidden beauty,
Precious gem…
There you are
And here I am.
Silent observer
Of the littlest of things.
You give ‘’cuteness’’
Its very true meaning…
Yet you didn’t ask
To be looked upon.
You just stay there
As time goes on.
Keep your true colors
Shining through,
As we need beauty,
Just like you.

5 thoughts on “Hidden beauty….

  1. She’s beautiful
    But I forgot
    Why she loves me
    Or she loves me not
    I’m no good looker
    That’s for sure
    Does she love me
    Less or more?
    It’s not my body
    Not my face
    For both of them
    Look out of place
    She’s seen my every
    Little bit
    So good looks don’t
    Come in to it
    It must be something
    I can’t see
    That makes her look again
    At me
    It must be underneath
    The skin
    Where any beauty
    Must begin
    Hidden beauty?
    I can’t tell
    The mirror hides it
    Very well
    I can’t see what
    She seems to find
    Her beauty’s what
    I hide behind


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