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Christmas Hygge Challenge… Week 2!


Last year, J, my best friend, challenged me to post 25 pictures for the Christmas Hygge Challenge… And she did it again this year. I’m posting my challenge on Instagram (you can find me under the name @thecyranny), and I thought I’d share my week’s pictures…. If you want to know the details about the pictures, look for me on IG.

December 7th


December 8th


December 9th


December 10th


December 11th


December 12th


December 13th


Tune in next week, for my next seven takes on the challenge.

8 thoughts on “Christmas Hygge Challenge… Week 2!

  1. lovely, sweetie, while I am extremely grateful for all the snow you sent down from Freezingland, could you stop soon? We have 6.75 inches now and it looks to stop around 12. PLEASE?

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