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Sepia thoughts…


6 thoughts on “Sepia thoughts…

      1. Yes we are. We live in the country which helps a lot. I am worried that if there is another lockdown they will close the stables and I will not be able to ride. Yesterday we drove to Belleville and had an outdoor picnic in a park with our daughter, son in law and grandson. It was cold but bearable. We are unlikely to see them at Xmas.

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      2. I really hope you don’t have to be separated from Biasini again. Both for you and him (Is his leg still healing well?). I think we’re all trying to be creative to have the (little) human contact we can. I feel like you… It is going to be a very weird Christmas. I feel for the people who live alone… At least, I’ll have Chéri by my side…


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