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Mixed feelings…


Today, I have mixed feelings…

In the last 24 hours, the province of Québec recorded 1397 new cases of Covid-19. It is the worst we’ve had since the beginning of the pandemic. Unlike the first wave that was concentrated in the Montréal area, the second is spreading widely across the whole territory. 

People are tired, I get that. And it is not going to get better anytime soon.

I wish people would stop looking for loopholes, when the government announces measures to try to stop the spread. I guess a lot of people just don’t measure the importance they can make in other people’s lives… And way too many just don’t ”believe” in Covid-19, and don’t care.

Still, it is a beautiful day. I spent a long time sitting on the balcony today, enjoying the sun and the unexpected warmth. I sat listening to the birds, and watching the squirrels ruffling dead leaves to check on their not-so-secret stashes.

Today, Chéri told me we had done all the efforts we have, for nothing.

I disagree. We’ve done it for the people we love. We’ve done it for our neighbours, and their loved ones. We’ve done it for us too.

And we’ll keep being super cautious, hoping more and more people do the same… 

11 thoughts on “Mixed feelings…

    1. It was only a glitch in his otherwise much more positive personality than mine 😉 We’ll stay locked in, until it is safe(r) to live a more ”normal” life. Sometimes in 2029 or 2030 LOL

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  1. It is discouraging and sad that so many choose to thwart any attempts at staying safe. Even when they see clearly that those actions end up with more infections and death, they refuse. It’s mind boggling. Keep safe, you two!🤗


  2. I am sure that just as the NHS are deeply grateful for all that people do to make it possible for us to deliver the safest and most effective health service, that the Canadian health services must feel the same way. If people did not do their bit, then health services would be dealing with absolute horror. Having to decide who to help live and who to leave to die would be a nightmare for us. While people do their bit, that amounts to the health service being able to give their best to every patient who ends up being admitted to hospital.


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