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9 little known things about me…



I doubt I can make this list interesting. I don’t feel like there’s much to say about me, that I wouldn’t have talked about in the past, and that would be worth telling you… But hey! It’s a challenge, it shouldn’t be easy, right?

So, let’s see…

Me & Gibraltar

Before I ”met” Denmark, I had a big big crush on Gibraltar. I spent months making researches about the odd peninsula. I loved things like the fact that in order to drive into Gibraltar, you have to cross their airport’s landing runway. But then, Denmark came along, and stole my heart away.

I can’t kill

And I don’t mean just other humans or animals like cats and dogs. I can’t kill anything, except mosquitoes and wasps (when one manages to get into our apartment). If I find a spider, a fly or any other critter at home, I have to catch them and take them outside… Or get Chéri to do the dirty work for me.

I never broke a bone

It seems to me that back in the eighties, most kids broke their arm, or their leg at some point. It wasn’t an unusual thing to sign a friend’s cast. Nowadays, a lot of parents forbid the kind of activities that resulted in such injuries, but back then, we just learnt the hard way that having fun could be dangerous. Somehow, I was lucky enough never to experience that.

Missing parts

On the other hand, I’m missing more body parts than anyone I know. I won’t go into details, here, but let’s just say that I sometimes feel like doctors played a game of real life Operation on me. You remember the good old board game, right?



My fake navel

Since we’re talking about weird body things, I thought I should mention that I have a (half) fake belly button. Why a fake one? Because it’s always better than not having one at all… And no! I am not an alien.

Peeking over the fence

I had a near death experience, once. I had gone through surgery, and had complications afterwards, leading to me being rushed back to the surgery room. I didn’t see any tunnel, and didn’t float above my body, but when I woke up, after cheating death, I felt like something had happened. My mother was crying by the side of the bed, and I felt incredibly at peace.

To eat or not to eat

I sometimes forget to eat. That’s right, I just forget. If I don’t have to prepare a meal for Chéri and I, I can go about my day, and at some point think ”Hey, it’s way past lunchtime!!” If I spend the day alone, I’ll most likely realize it is time to cook myself a little something when a headache suddenly kicks in. And again… No! I am not an alien!!

Patience is a vertue

And living for five years in Guinea sure gave me a good practice. For one thing, ”keeping a schedule” was a much different concept there, than what I was used to, here in Canada. The time of an appointment was more a suggestion than an actual precise meeting hour. After a while, I just understood that sometimes, it is just worthless to stress out for little things you can’t change. Yeah, I have a lot of patience, and if you ever make me lose it, you’ll know what you’ve done is pretty bad.

Selective memory

My brain is a mystery.  I often joke with Chéri that we better never get interrogated by police officers, for some obscure crime. Because I wouldn’t be able to remember what I did some precise day of last year, since I can hardly recall what we ate just the day before. Still, I can tell you without thinking twice that the average golf ball has 336 pits. Why do I know that? I have no clue. I sure didn’t learn that in school… If only I could choose what’s worth remembering, and what can be forgotten…


What about you? What little known facts about yourself could you share with me? If you’d like to read Marquessa’s, just click here.

6 thoughts on “9 little known things about me…

  1. My memory works the same way! I am a scatterbrain in many respects but at the same time, I remember the strangest little facts and moments.
    My mom used to say I just wasn’t interested enough to remember certain things and I often felt hurt by that, because I really felt it wasn’t like that.


  2. Lovely reading these snippets of you… a few I can relate! I seem to know that we’re meant to forget and enjoy being in moment and trusting we’ll know what we’re met to know as necessary in the moment❤️ thanks for sharing… it makes a nice post and I might just do the same, something fun to balance the awful world that is unravelling🥰🙏 much love x


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