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Something that I miss…



Just a couple of weeks back, J, Chéri and I spent a weekend in a little chalet we rented together.

The cabin included a great backyard, with access to a beautiful lake. And in the afternoon, as we were sitting on the dock at reasonable social distance, sipping on pink grapefruit Perrier, I just asked J…




Don’t you miss drinking water straight from the hose?

Which got me a really puzzled and confused stare, right back. It came out of nowhere (my question, that is), but it still amused me that J would be so surprised by it. She is used to total nonsence coming out of my mouth, in the most unexpected times, but this time, I had caught her off guard.


We all have done it, right? Wasn’t it one of summer’s simple pleasures, after having played hide & seek all afternoon, to run to the house, unroll the hose, turn it on and have a good long drink from it? Of course we had to be patient, because the first couple of seconds the water was unpleasantly warm. But when it got fresh…

Of course, there was the time Dad told me to put the hose nozzle in my mouth, before turning the tap on for me. He had quite a laugh, at my expense, but let me tell you he didn’t fool me twice!

I don’t know what it is, maybe it’s because it was the first times I didn’t have to ask Mom and Dad for a drink. Childhood is a series of tiny steps towards independance, and this one obviously stuck with me. The water wasn’t any better than indoors, but I could get it whenever I pleased.

I wonder if today’s children also get to drink from hoses. It seems to me that with the germaphobe era we’ve slipped in, it would probably come as something gross to some parents now.  And that would be a shame (especially this summer, with the recurrent heat waves).

J can keep laughing at me… I still enjoy these little flashbacks from my (now far back) childhood days.



What about you? What is one thing you miss?

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5 thoughts on “Something that I miss…

  1. Hi, Sis! Great memory! And very thought-inspiring.

    I, too, used to drink from the hose as a child. Of course, I would recoil at the thought of doing that now. Or maybe I am thinking about recoiling the hose when I am done. At any rate, even though in my much younger years (5-ish) I used to peel chewing gum off the street and chew it, I have now succumbed to the siren song of being a closet germophobe. It is all the rage these days. When no one is looking, I surreptitiously take little swigs from a flask of hand sanitizer I keep secreted in my pocket. I prefer the 80% with just a hint of menthol in it.

    I was probably better off drinking out of the hose.


  2. I remember! On a hot day when the first gush of water would be so hot and then quickly get to the cold I needed to cool off! Its a thought though – do kids still have those simple experiences?

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  3. I miss the swing that hung from a tree in our back yard. Made by dad and brother – not something manufactured as we have today. A swing that would take me so high I could almost touch the top branches of the tree.


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