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A police officer, a ghost and hands that smell like and old drunk!


What a day…

This morning started pretty much like any other these days. I woke up, sipped on my cup of hot chocolate while my head was shaking off the sleepiness. By 7h45, I was kicking Chéri out of the bedroom to get to work. (yeah, my desk is still in our bedroom…)

I was expecting a delivery from Lufa Farms. This cool Montreal based company produces veggies, and collaborates with many local producers, and delivers a basket to your door every Tuesday. It was my first order, and I was very excited to support them and have fresh veggies and fruit that were grown in the area.

So when I heard the knock on the door, I rushed like a child on Christmas morning untill I saw the dark uniform through the window. I didn’t want to be pessimistic, but cops rarely come knocking at your door just to wish you a great day.

This was no exception.

There is major work on the water system in our neighbourhood being done lately. If it wasn’t for all the machinery on site, people could think that we’ve been bombed. And it seems like one of the huge excavators accidently (I sure hope so) backed into Chéri’s still pretty new car.

Our dear Kia didn’t get totaled, but it is pretty damaged. Enough to upset Chéri, which is an unusual sight, to say the least.

Not the best way to start the day.




Then in the afternoon, Chéri suddenly called out to me. ”My shoulder is burning!” I knew what it meant, and I didn’t like it.

It is the third time that this happens, within a couple of months. The first two episodes, I didn’t even dare talking about it, because I thought people would think that we’re a little crazy. I must admit that I had doubts too, because when it had happened, I wasn’t with Chéri.

But this time, I was just across the room, and I know that nothing could have caused it.




For the third time, Chéri felt a burning on his shoulder and seconds after that, scratches appeared on his skin. As you can see, there was even a little bit of bleeding. And we have no idea what happened.

I wouldn’t say that I believe in ghosts, poltergeists or other fantomatic forms, but I do believe that there are things out there that we can’t understand.

And that’s a little bit troubling to experience.

I even did a test, scratching Chéri’s back (pretty roughly) to see if he might have scratched himself without neither of us noticing it, and he only ended with superficial red lines on his skin, lines which disappeared shortly after, while the mysterious scratches are still showing.

Silly Me is starting to think that we have the spirit of an angry cat in the apartment. If any of you know how to please it and calm it down, let me know… Please!




Finally, tonight I was taking care of my quarantine cabinet (I basically clean and put everything that comes from the scary outside in that cabinet when we get deliveries, and leave them there for three to five days before moving them into the kitchen or anywhere else in the apartment) when I realized that our new hand sanitizer bottle was ready to be set free.




Just as anywhere else in the world, the well-known brands of hand sanitizers have gone missing for months now. So several distilleries have converted into hand sanitizer producers. I thought that was brilliant. And that’s why I bought this bottle, thinking that I wouldn’t see any difference between my good ol’ Purell and this.

I should have had doubts when I saw that this came in a water bottle.

With all my innocence, I opened the bottle and poured some of the liquid (because that’s not a gel, surprise!) on my hands and started to rub them together to get that reassuring feeling that any covid-19 trace was being killed.


Honestly, I wonder if this is moonshine in disguise. This stuff reeks. My first thought was, ”Ughh they sold me cheap vodka!!

I have to say that the first time that I experienced abusing alcoholic beverages, vodka was on the menu. And because of our back then young age, we had to settle for cheap liquor. So that smell is just toxic to me.

I just can’t stand having cheap drunk smelling hands. You can count on me to use any other mean to have clean hands before using this again.

This will be my last resort plan… Period.


6 thoughts on “A police officer, a ghost and hands that smell like and old drunk!

  1. Ouch. Those scratches look inflamed. And painful. I can so relate because I went through months of extreme itchiness and discomfit last year with a similar thing and I never got to the bottom of it. Then it went away, completely, though a few days ago, out of the blue, welts appeared. No answers for you C. But I know that warm bath with Epsom salts helped relieve the itchiness for me at a time when it was almost unbearable. Hope he’s okay. I agree, some things we just can’t explain and maybe we never will be able to. Take care, both of you. Sending big hugs. xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey there Miriam 🙂 I’m sorry to know that you experienced something similar… Chéri says that it really gave him a burning feeling when it appeared, and then, nothing. Now he just has the scars of this weird episode… Let’s just hope it doesn’t happen again.

      I hope you guys are doing well 🙂 We miss you… *Big hugs right back* xx


  2. Maybe allergic to a plant that he touched? Last year my landscaper pointed out some “toxic” weeds in my backyard which he said could give 3rd degree burns. ..

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I wish it was this simple, but this ”rash” occured in our living room, and he had not left the apartment a single minute. So unless he’s allergic to basil, coriander or any of the herbs I’m keeping indoors until the weather is warmer… it remains an unsolved mystery 😉


  3. Oh my word, you guys have to move! And soon! You don’t need hand sanitizer. You need holy water!!! Kidding. I vaguely remember reading about a phenomenon like this on a blog from someone that had skin sarcoidosis where they would unknowingly scratch their skin on a certain area and then minutes later these welts and scratches would appear like a cat scratched them. Like you they tried duplicating it to no avail on another part of the body. It was a random occurrence, just like my sometimes debilitating right big toe pain as if someone drove a nail through it then suddenly stops. Seems people with lung sarc get that. Sarcoidosis is a mean and strange disease.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Here he comes to save the dayyyyy… 😉

      I know that we can’t blame sarcoidosis for everything, but I’ll be happy to blame it for these weird rashes, especially since Chéri’s was mainly skin related at first. What you are describing perfectly fits what we experienced. The first two times, I was sure Freja had used her claws. But yesterday, she was nowhere to be seen when it suddenly happened.

      I guess that as long as he has it, we’re ”good”. If I get the same scratches, I’ll order holy water from Amazon, and shop for a good exorcist 😛

      Hope you are safe and well 🙂 xx

      Liked by 1 person

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