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It’s finally here!



A long while ago (in pre-covid times, it gives you an idea), I met with the fabulous Eleanor Burns.

In my almost five years of blogging, I have known a large number of bloggers. Some that have disappeared along the journey, some that I’ve just lost touch with, some that are long run supporters and often real friends to me now, and some that have just recently joined my blogging joyride.

Rarely though (unless they are from the last category), do I remember the exact day, and the exact circumstances of our first encounter. Eleanor is one of these exceptions, and I remember vividly when our roads first crossed.

In January of 2018, sweet Nikki from A Kinder Way was throwing a Meet & Greet party for the launch of Eleanor’s second novel ”Wolves of Dacia”. Liking a good party, I joined in, and met Eleanor.

We exchanged a little, and started to follow each other from then on. I think that at first, it was more of a ”friends of my friends are my friends” thing. But I quickly discovered the flamboyant and inspiring woman. I still feel lucky for that innocent Meet & Greet night, as Eleanor has since then been one of my most loyal supporters, and (I hope the feeling is mutual) a dear friend.

Last month, I ordered her last novel ”Gloriana’s Masque” through Amazon. It was important for me to have a paperback copy of her book to hold in my hands. I waited, and waited (the delivery got delayed 3 or 4 times) and this morning, the doorbell finally rang, and I got my package.

Of course, I didn’t have time to read the book yet. But I still wanted to share this, in case you’d like to encourage a fellow blogger too! I know some of you are avid readers, and in these lockdown times, what better than having a book delivered to your door?




Gorgeous, I am thrilled to have the fruit of your creative labor at long last! Keep up the good work, I’ll let you know how I enjoy my reading soon!

And thank you for your presence and your precious friendship…

5 thoughts on “It’s finally here!

  1. You’ve been the most amazing friend, and an inspiring author and travel writer to boot. 🙂 I dread to think how you are coping now, with that wonderful wanderlust of yours. 😦 But you always stay positive and inspiring no matter what. So thrilled you’ve dedicated a post to my lockdown scribblings. Really hope you enjoy it. I do like the cover design my friend Megan Pritchard (AKA burlesque dancer Flossie Smalls) did for it. Can’t wait to see what cover will grace Cibelle and Vohne. x

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