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After Eight Moments…



In this moment,
I don’t care
About yesterday
And I don’t fear
I just want to revel
In your dancing light.
Hold me close
Hold me tight,
Kiss my skin
With every sunray
Dying over
The horizon
Kiss me again
Before you’re gone
And promise
With a sigh
That you’ll be back
When ends
The night….



If you want to know what After Eight Moments are about, click here.

Description for the visually impaired; View from my back balcony, on tonight’s amazing sunset…  


19 thoughts on “After Eight Moments…

    1. Hey Mandibelle!!! Thank you 🙂 So nice to see you… it’s been a while. I hope you’re doing well, Gorgeous 🙂

      It’s funny because Chéri and I were talking about you this evening… I didn’t know that Georges Laraque had played with the Oilers for quite a long time. You might know him? I’m mentionning him because he is in a Montréal hospital, recovering from covid-19…

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      1. I didn’t read that yet! I’ll have to look that up! Laraque was a very successful player here back at the old coliseum maybe 10 years back. A big guy, and fit one. An enforcer, he did a lot of great charity work in Edmonton, still does.
        Thanks for the thoughts you two. But, hoping Laraque heals well. I’m going to read up on that now!
        Take care both of you. I was going through x-mas cards today & found yours. You’re in my thoughts 🙂

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      2. Yeah, that’s what Chéri told me… Here, he’s very well known, but not so much because of hockey (he only played a couple of games with the Canadiens, so, he didn’t make a big impression on Montrealers) but he is very implicated in good causes, and I was sorry to learn that he was sick… He is on the road to recovery, and making videos to warn people that this virus is really rough, and can get anyone.

        Aww I’m glad you kept the card 🙂 That’s so sweet! Seems like we were meant to catch up today… Great minds… 😉 xx

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      3. Yep. I read up on him, sounds like he just got sick out of no where. He’ll be okay lol. Ah, he had some good games w/ Edmonton, but we had so much trouble building a playoff close team for awhile there that it didn’t last.
        Take care 🙂


    1. Well, we’re been locked inside for about a month and a half now… Everything but grocery stores, pharmacies and restaurant that provide take out has been closed since. Tomorrow, schools and some businesses are re-opening. I think it’s still a little early, but we’ll see… I hope we don’t have to try to push back toothpaste in the tube soon 😉 How about you? Is everyone safe around you?

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      1. Yeah pretty much same situation w/ everything closed but drugstores or grocery stories,but a lot of space between them and plastic screens up at every till. It’s just starting to let up for some of the work force, but we’ve slot of curb side pick up and similar things like that. Restaurants deliver meals/groceries too.
        I’m thinking August things will start to normalize.
        So far everyone safe, I don’t go out often (wish I could), but I’m hoping that changes. Still, more people need to wear masks, and when I’m in stores or walking and people don’t have one or a scarf and get close, makes me a bit nervous. Otherwise I’m good. Miss hockey lol.
        August mini playoffs lol?

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      2. It is so strange, this new (and hopefully temporary) way of living. I go out only to get Chéri’s medecine (once a month) or for essentials (add one or two times out of the apartment) and last time I went to the drugstore, I felt as if people had guns, and could target me at any time… The least fun time ”shopping” ever 😛

        We miss hockey too… I wonder how long it’ll take before we get to watch it on tv again, let alone go to a game in person… *fingers crossed* for anything before 2021 😉

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      3. Things are tough And I think the spacing circles they have at some drugstores and wearing a mask/scarf definitely help. Hope things are improving there, I know that Montreal has it pretty bad w/ more cases. Do you get groceries delivered or pickup? I know you’ve a lot of little grocery markets there, so I’m not sure how that will work.

        Hockey will return don’t fear, even if they have to play without fans 🙂 Take care


    1. I totally agree 🙂 This imposed slowdown is making place for the beauty we were overlooking in the rushed life we use to see as ”normal”… Thank you! xx


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