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In the name of justice…

I like documentaries… And with all the free time on my hands lately, I have had the chance to treat myself time and again.

Today, Chéri and I sat down together to watch ”Who killed Garrett Phillips?” I had tapped the two episodes documentary about the 2016 trial of Oral Nick Hillary. I had never heard about the case, and I was appaled at how the authorities have handled things.

On October 24th of 2011, 12 year-old Garrett Phillips have been found dead, after being strangled in his house in Potsdam, New York. Quickly, the police put all the focus on Nick Hillary, the ex-boyfriend of the victim’s mother, and well-known soccer coach (oh, and one of the rare African Americans in the little town).

I wouldn’t say that I don’t trust Justice in a general way, but this kind of story gives me reasonable doubts. It makes me hope I never get chosen to be part of a jury in my life, and even more so, that I never get accused of doing something really bad I haven’t done!

The level of botching in this investigation is mind blowing. And I’ve let out a couple of ”Come ons!!” while listening to the cops’ interviews. (because these guys really seem to think they did the right thing… Ughhh!!) (I have a feeling many of them are Trump fans)

The documentary follows the trial’s tribulations, and *spoiler alert* its crash down in the end.

I know this is not the reflexion of American justice in general, and it’s not something that could only happen in the US, but it is definately worth knowing.

We, human beings have to learn from our mistakes… And this is a great example of what we should remember not to do as a global society.

Here are the two episodes, totally worth watching if you ask me.



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