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Random Danish memories…


Some moments, in our lives, just stick with us for months, if not years.

The following anecdote is one of these moments. It instantly made it to my top ten memories of all times. Pretty much everybody who has let me share my thoughts about Denmark, has heard this (short) story.

Amalienborg palace is the home of the Danish royal family, in the heart of Copenhagen.



The inner court of the palace is totally open to tourists and passers-by, which, I think, says a lot about Denmark, and the proximity between Danes and their royal family.

Everyday at noon, people gather at Amalienborg to see the changing of guard. And I have attented the event everytime I visited Vikingland. I recommend taking the time to witness it, if you ever pass by Copenhagen.



As I said, the courtyard is open to visitors, and when I brought Chéri to see it, I had an idea….

It amazed me that we could get so close to the Queen’s home. After the changing of guard, I walked to the palace, and told Chéri to take a picture of me, touching the castle. It was childish, I know, but I just loved the idea.

I don’t like sharing pictures of myself, as you know if you’re a regular of The Cove. But here’s the proof that I’m not kidding you…




As soon as Chéri let me know he had immortalized the moment, a voice resonated behind me.


The closest guard had spotted us, and seen how long it had taken for Chéri to take a good picture, he had waited before warning me.

I quickly walked down the stairs, feeling half-guilty about (unintentionally) breaking Danish rules.

To this day, I feel this guard has acted as I think the average Dane would have… Wanting rules to be followed, but being kind enough to let a little mishap slip through, if there’s no harm in it.

Oh my, Denmark, do I miss you…

I hope we meet again, sooner than later!


13 thoughts on “Random Danish memories…

      1. So far so good. I haven’t left my apartment in a week and a half now… Getting groceries delivered to our door, and waiting patiently (for the crisis to eventually pass by, not for the groceries LOL) I have a feeling it’ll be a long time before we do something ”normal” again…


    1. Awww so glad you enjoyed this, Cheryl 🙂 It is, indeed a very ”Danish” story. I sometimes imagine doing a similar mishap in a place like the US, and I’d probably be writing my blog from prison 😛 LOL


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