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Planning the unplannable…


There is one thing, today, that touches (or is about to touch) any and every one of us.

With the word pandemic being out now, covid-19 is our common enemy, as human beings. I must admit, I feel lucky. We have fewer declared cases confirmed than I have fingers, in Québec so far.

But I know that it only takes a handful of idiots to make that number rise overnight. And God knows how many of these are walking around freely.

Most people I know are either hysterical or in complete denial. I try to find the very fine line in between. I know I don’t have much to fear, at the moment. But I want to be somewhat prepared, if things get out of control.

I am grateful today, that Chéri got his sarcoidosis diagnostic last summer. It gave us just enough time to get used to the increased risks for his health, and to make new habits to protect him from all the colds he used to catch.

Hey! We went to Australia and made the trip back without a single sneeze. Even Tom Hanks couldn’t!!

With stores running out of toilet paper and the obvious face masks and hand sanitizers, it got me thinking. What if? What if covid-19 hit Canada big time?

I’m not working to turn our apartment into a bunker, but I did start to pack up on canned goods. Just in case. I didn’t tell anyone, except Chéri, of course. I want to be able to lock ourselves in the comfort of our little nest, if things take a turn for the worst.

How about you? How are things with this coronavirus in your corner of the world? Is it still safe, or do you have to be cautious? Are you doing anything to protect yourself?

Let’s just hope that we’ll all get past through these difficult times safe and sound.


Remember, cough in your elbow and get checked if you are feverish!

9 thoughts on “Planning the unplannable…

  1. I had a flight to see my father for next week. I am driving the two days instead! I don’t know of any local cases but in Connecticut there are some. I am supposed to visit a friend tomorrow but she is currently going through chemotherapy and now I am too afraid to see her, I don’t want to spread anything to her.

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  2. I have to go to work in an office building every day, but I try to be careful and wash my hands a lot. I just canceled a pleasure trip to Vegas because there are too many unknowns now. It’s not a good time to be in large crowds if you can avoid it. I’m not sure about restaurants etc. Haven’t decided about that level of socializing yet…


  3. You are right Cyranny, this pandemic is something touch all of us.
    In Spain, we have many cases more north from, where I live. I just traveled to Denmark and back with 4 different flights and airports. Became sick when I came home, but my doctor doesn’t mean, it is necessary to test for Corona right now, even if I also ended up with a Pneumonia. I stay mostly home, as I didn’t get other orders for now, only walk my dog.
    I read, that Denmark are closing down for 2 weeks from Friday/Monday with all schools and public offices etc. to avoid more spread of Corona.


  4. I’m a wee bit nervouse because I CAN’T stockpile anything. My debit card strip demagnetized so I had to order a new one and it’s going to be at least another 8 buisness days before I get it.They put a freeze on the account til then. Which means I have money in my paypal account, I just have no way to access it and spend it on a stockpile of anything locally. People have become so reliant on technology they say, well, order things on line with paypal but that doesn’t out my gas in my car or get my meds filled.
    For future reference, however, the first sign of wear on my debit card, I am ordering a new one and I am going to start keeping cash because I can’t even buy my kid a tube of toothpaste right now.
    So yeah, I am not panicking, not in denial, but I am feeling some very valid anxiety due to all of it. If we were forced into home quarantine for a month, we don’t have food stockpiled to that degree and without a debit card…See, valid anxiety. So…I am gonna hope and pray for containment and vaccines and treatments and such while mentally being prepared that though unlikely, it *could* happen.


  5. I am still going about my life. I spend most of it at home anyway. I wash my hands more than normal. I’ve always washed my hands, but doing more especially in public. Things are starting to change in Vegas where I live. My husband has been working late to try to see where they can cut costs to keep the hotel side of the business afloat. So far the casino is not suffering.


  6. So true that we need to walk that fine line between hysteria and being prepared. Since my husband and I are in the over 70 group with diabetes and heart issues, I must admit we plan on limiting our visits outside our own community for awhile until we see where this thing goes.


  7. Its just starting to hit hard here, we have enough food and supplies to last 4-6 weeks if need be.

    Advice that has just been given is the government are not shutting the schools or cancelling any big events. If you are elderly don’t go on a cruise and if you have a temperature or a cough then self isolate for 7 days, dont bother going to the hospital unless you are basically dead, because the NHS is on its knees already. I may have put that last but in. Its basically keep calm and carry on.


  8. We are in Florida and I think my husband is wishing we were at home in Ontario. Our daughter works in marketing for an AHL team and as of today their season was suspended. This came when they are prepping for the playoffs! Our son was going to come to visit in Florida on monday but he wisely decided to cancel. Sad but better for him and for us.


  9. Something of a salutary lesson for us all as to how conditional our stability is. For some time now the many in the medical community have been viewing an pandemic not as ‘if’ but ‘when’.
    Well here it is.
    We in the UK seem to have a spread on. It’s now a question of trying to make the best of it and not contributing to panic. Concern and worry are unavoidable. Panic, hysteria etc will not help.

    Wishing you all the very best wherever you are.


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