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Mackenzie Falls…

I’m sure she does, from time to time. Don’t we all?

We fall in love, fall sick, fall short, fall back, fall over, fall down, fall flat… But this is not about us, it is about Mackenzie. If you don’t know Mack already, you really should take a minute to visit her blog. This brilliant young Californian woman is a real gem! Working hard to pursue a career in nursing, she posts about her travels, her family and friends and her passion for food (make sure you don’t visit her site on an empty stomach… Her pictures are sure to make you drool, hehehehe).

Mack is bubbly and so incredibly kind, after a couple of posts, you’ll want to have her in your blogging circle… No doubt about that.

We’ll get back to Mack Marie later… For now, it is time to embark day two of our camping trip!




My first night was a little on the rock’n’roll side. Pain woke me up a couple of times, despite how comfortable our tent was. I was a bit worried that I might have to go to a clinic in the morning. The wound was pretty deep, and though the bleeding had stopped, it might have gotten infected.

There was a silver lining to my almost sleepless night. I knew that wild kangaroos hopped freely through the camping site, and that emus wandered around, especially early in the morning and in the evening. But I still was very surprised when I spotted a very large roo eating grass in the darkness, just a couple of feet away from our tent.

There was also a lot of noise in the forest nearby. Deep growls that sounded a little like bears, although there were none in the area. I still got a little more sleep, before the sunrise wake up call of the cockatoos. (Dang, these feathery things do make a lot of noise!!)

Luckily, my finger didn’t hurt anymore when we got up. And after a good breakfast, we were out to our first trekking of the day, up to The Pinnacle, via The Grand Canyon (just not the US one, but very impressive, nonetheless).










Our campsite was in the clear patch, left of the reservoir.




You can read a little more about that hike in this post, I wrote earlier this week! Luckily, Miriam had made sure that we left the camp early in the morning. The sun was clear, and the sun incredibly hot, and on our way down, I pitied the people going up in the noonday’s heat.

Back to the camp, I attempted bird feeding again, though being much more cautious!



Throwing bread to ducks seemed a safe first try…



and I quickly made friends with this little Rosella.


Our day was far from over, and after a yummy lunch, we were driving back to the mountains, to go discover a very different scenery.




This time, we were going downhill, which my legs really appreciated, even if I knew that I would have to climb my way back up, hehehehe.



Not Mackenzie Falls yet…



A little piece of paradise…



and the majestic Mackenzie Falls!




The fresh water called for a well deserved toe dip!


Now remember Mack Marie, from the beginning of this post? When we finally got to rest by the running water, Miriam and I took a moment to share our warm thoughts about my favorite California Girl. Soaking in the beauty that surounded us, I felt lucky and blessed. We never know where Life is taking us, and it was important to feel the gratitude of spending such quality time, in such a stunning place.

I wrote this little message for Mackenzie, and we headed back…




Back to the camp again, Chéri gave me a good laugh when he showed me that he had forgotten to put sunscreen on his calves…





It was time for a little dip in the pool, to cool off. No picture here, as the sight of me in a swimming suit is a priviledge that only those who put up with my silly blabbering get.

After a gourmet camping dinner, the sun was already ready to set…





Wild kangaroo having a snack, while we were doing our evening walk…


We ended the day walking and chatting by the reservoir. Just like the day before, it amazed me how the four of us connected so very easily… I don’t know if it was the common awe in front of all this natural beauty, or the seed that Miriam and I had planted by following our respective blogs, but this second day ended with shared good laughs and deep sighs.

And our adventures weren’t over yet!




You can catch up with the beginning of our camping trip by visiting the following link: Don’t bite the hand…


9 thoughts on “Mackenzie Falls…

  1. No, they certainly weren’t, in fact they were just beginning! Fun post that brought it all back. Great pics Catherine and especially love the photo of the tree with the sun shining through it. 🙂

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  2. I also like Mackenzie’s blogs. A busy girl for sure yet she always finds time to cook! These pics are gorgeous. Happy for you!

    Sent from my iPad



  3. I don’t think I had realised the variety of the Australian landscape, but in a continent this size there must be something for everyone, right? I certainly spotted a couple of places I could spend time, but I think I’d do better with the roos than those birds 🙂 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  4. In all my years here, I have not been to the Grampians. A bit of a sore point in my family, as they took a family holiday without me when I was young. So now I get to see the walks ealthy might have taken through your eyes. Looks like fun! Fantastic to see so much wildlife close at hand. And you had pretty good weather, too, nothwithstanding Cheri’s sore calves!!! Ouch indeed!! The Aussie sun is unforgiving. The waterfall would have been a nice treat at the end of tree walk.
    Thanks for the heads up re Mack’s blog. Looking forward to checking it out.


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