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Meeting the giants…



”I am sorry for him, who cannot hear what the tall trees have to say.”

Edgar A. Guest


I love it when nature puts me back in my place. As humans, I believe we tend to think that we are the shit, sitting at the top of the food chain.

Silly us.

Discovering the rainforest, guided by a wise ranger, I walked to this still giant. To say that I was impressed would be an understatement. Not only was I amazed by the size of the old tree (I’m sorry not to remember what kind it is) but also by the wiseness of nature.

In the forest, the main struggle of anything trying to grow, is to get enough light to become strong. And this particular type of trees grows ”quickly”, producing little if any branches… Just making a sprint towards the canopy, and making the young ones looking like odd slim poles standing in the middle of the woods.

When their tip finds the warm light of the sun among the other tree tops, it finally starts to build a larger trunk, branches and leaves. And after several hundred years, sitting in the giant’s shadow is incredibly humbling.

How can someone feel superior to nature while standing next to something that has been living for centuries, and that is taller than most buildings?

I know I can’t….

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