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Farewell Melbourne…



I can’t believe it is already time to go…

We had an AmAzInG time in Melbourne. Way too short, there would still be so much to see and do, but I have no regret. I can’t wait to be back at home to run through my pictures and prepare more detailed posts. No, I take that back. No way am I eager to go back home! People here are so kind, and the weather is so nice!!

Today, Chéri and I went on a guided tour through Melbourne’s back alleys to discover the city’s best street art. Three hours of great fun and well hidden surprises.




And words of wisdom left on backstreet walls….




And I still have lots of room for ”feelgood” moments. Because there are so many coming up our way! By the way, I might be even more quiet than usual for a couple of days. Lucky me is going on a five day excursion with a big name of the Bloggosphere!! How exciting is that??

Well, I am excited.

But for now, time to go to bed, and enjoy the comfort of our lovely apartment for one last night…

A most lovely day to you all, Lovelies!

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