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Random Danish Memories…

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words… So buckle up, because this post is worth more than 16,000.

I was just doing some sorting in the pictures on my phone (after buying a new micro SD card to make sure to have enough memory to shoot just about anything I would please, while in Australia) and I came across the pictures from my last trip in Denmark…

Of course, I took a break to re-visit them one by one, and I just couldn’t help posting a couple because, you know…. I just miss Vikingland.



Nyhavn, Copenhagen – Boat tours on the canals



Helsingør – Kronborg Castle on a beautiful sunrise backdrop



Hobro – The Viking Center



Thisted – Site of the late Latin school… Yeah, Danes aren’t crazy about Latin anymore!



Klitmøller – Also known as ”Cold Hawaï”, paradise for surfers that don’t have cold feet!



Aalborg – In Denmark, even tagging is done with much hygge.



Aalborg – Just walking downtown, because, you have to love Aalborg!



Aalborg – Amazing street art mural



Aalborg – Yes, I am preparing a Danish street art post. Danes just rock at it.



Amager, Copenhagen – Did I mention Danish street art before?



Amager, Copenhagen – Celebrating spring by giving out daisies.



Nørrebro, Copenhagen – Superkilen, like countless parks, is definately children friendly!


Nørrebro, Copenhagen – Don’t you just want to join the dance?



Copenhagen – Public transportation is one of Denmark’s fortes…



Copenhagen – Street art…. Again.



Copenhagen – Last hot dog… Med meget remoulade, tak! (with much remoulade, please)



Amager, Copenhagen – Last sight of my last neighbourhood…


I hope you enjoyed the mini trip.

Until next time, sweet Denmark!


6 thoughts on “Random Danish Memories…

  1. Nice photos and memories, Cyranny 😀
    About the Latin; In older times it was necessary to learn Latin in special schools. Today it is being educated in the last school class, if you as a student wish to join this, because you wish to study any kind of medical education later. Then you will need it.


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