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I can’t imagine what it would be like, not to know snow. To only know what I would have seen of it in books and in movies…

I was born on a snow storm night. And as much as I like to complain about it, it’s always been part of who I am.

At this time of year, the white carpet is important. It makes everything brighter outside, and it helps to fight seasonal depression.

And on lucky days like today, when there’s no cloud to be found above our heads, it seems like trees are dipping their highest branches in the sky and painting its baby blue tone on the whiteness of the snowbanks…

Or maybe I was just thinking too much, enjoying the sun on my face, and the shadows on the snow…



7 thoughts on “Shadows…

  1. I have never seen snowfall. I have seen snow thrice. Played with it once. Rest all in photos and movies.
    I have never seen the kind of autumn where you have all red and all yellow leaves. Never ever. 😭😭
    And your pics make me all the more sad about it 😭😭😭😭😭

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    1. Oh Saumya… I wish you to see our colorful fall someday! It is almost magical, when you get to walk in the forest, with all the bright yellow orange and red leaves above your head. Or when you can look down at the warm puzzle of shades from up a hill…

      *Fingers crossed* that you’ll experience this too! xx


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