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Good evening Lovelies,

Well the holiday season is almost behind us now. In my family, the festival ends with Epiphany (January 6th) since it is Dad’s birthday. And we threw his anniversary party yesterday night, so the family & friends gatherings are over for a while.

It was an intense three weeks or so. The first real test for Chéri’s new habits to avoid getting sick at all costs. It is amazing the number of people who carelessly walk around with a flu or a cold, attending Christmas and New Year’s Eve parties. I don’t blame them, I used to be the same… But when you fear the simplest cold, you get much more aware of how many kisses get given, and how many hands get shaken.

But it’s all good, Chéri didn’t catch anything! Yay!

Talking about Chéri, he really spoiled me, this year. I got great presents, in general, but I must say that he did an exceptional job at finding the perfect little something!

First, I got this baby:




Anyone who knows me well is aware that I have a thing for knives. Kitchen knives, that is. I have an impressive collection of knives for every possible purpose. But they were all bought in simple kitchenware stores, and none of them was anywhere near professional quality.

This baby makes all my previous knives pale in comparison. It has a razor sharp Japanese blade, and it comes from the specialized store that all the great chefs of the province take their knives from.

I love it. It cuts through anything as if it was butter.



Not butter, but knuckle skin is just as easy to cut, it seems.


Next, is a great proof of Chéri’s sense of humor.




Mouahahahahahahaha… I like the fact that it came from him. I guess he accepts my crush because of the slim chances of me actually meeting Mads, someday.

Freja didn’t follow us on our trip to my parents’ hometown, in Trois-Rivières. She hates eveything that implies getting out of the apartment. So this is the face I got when I offered for her to tag along…



I hates the Christmaz Mum. I am NOT coming with you!


Her wish was granted and she stayed home to scratch the face off of any burglar that would have been tempted to take benefit of the fact that Chéri and I were away!

She will not be that lucky in a month, though.

As I have mentionned already, I am going to visit Aussiland in February. We’ll be spending three weeks there, and with the fires going on as I type this, to say that I am worried is an understatement. Some people asked us if we considered canceling the whole trip, but I just can’t. It will require many changes in our plans. And to be honest, we might not plan all that much, and improvise.

Every morning, I wake up and hesitate to watch the news. It hurts to see the images of the ongoing devastation. The numbers are numbing, and I feel for all the families that have lost (or will soon lose) their home, or even worst, a loved one to these wild fires.

I know many of you Lovelies live in Australia, and if you don’t mind taking a minute, I’d like to have your opinion. Could you leave me a message, telling what area you are from, and if you think it is safe to visit it?

That would be of great help…

Speaking of helping, Suzie, from Suzie Speaks, has made a list of fundations and places where you can give to help Australians… Find her original post here.

9 thoughts on “Cyra-news!

  1. Maybe you meet Mads, when you visit Denmark next time, Cyranny 😀
    I would like to visit Australia one day, but at the moment I would stay away, as it seems, they have more than enough to do with fighting the fires.


  2. Impressive gifts. I’m like you, I’d end up needing bandaids as a gift too with a knife like that! And Freja – she’s adorable!! I love that expression. I wish you safe travels – hopefully the fires will be out by then! I’m praying they will be. Happy New Year Cyra!


  3. Okay, I know I have been following you for quite some time, so it might sound like a stupid question. Who is Cheri? Before this post, every time I read Cheri, I thought it was a she, but you’ve addressed him as a he. Once you’re done with laughing, I have one more question. Is Cheri your husband? I think Cheri is dear in French.


  4. Looking at the map of the fires, I would say the safest part of Australia is the middle, the desert, loneliness part.

    Fingers crossed that the fires are going to be out by the time of your holiday, but much of Australia is going to be recovering for a while, I would maybe look to see if you can go to New Zealand instead (although the fires or rather the smoke in Australia are effecting there as well)


  5. Excellent choices in gifts! Love the shirt. Btw, I just realized Mads played the villain in Dr. Strange. I hardly recognized him until the credits!
    The fires are terrible. Good luck on your trip.


  6. Love the gifts 🙂 We’re from Australia- Southern NSW to be specific. Ok I live under a rock and I know we’ve followed your awesome blog for ages so this is a question I feel I should have an answer for already but are you Danish?


    1. Ahem. Sorry forgot to add while a lot of our area is on fire and unfortunately half the scenic places are on fire right now, Canberra is not the most interesting part of the country but not on fire and worth a visit!


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