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Christmas Hygge Challenge – Fireplace



As you might know, I’ll be hosting the Christmas Hygge Challenge all month long. J, my best friend, dared me into it, by sending me the above list. She is much more Christmassy than me, and I suspect that she wanted to sprinkle a little Holiday magic in my life.

You are welcome to join in, either here on WordPress, or on Instagram (@thecyranny). Just take a picture inspired by the theme of the day, post it and link me in!

Here is my take for December 21st:



Come, Love…
Lay with me and snuggle!
Tonight I so long
For your tight cuddles,
Forget the countdown,
You need no mistletoe
No permission,
One, two three… Go!
Press that smile upon
My hungry lips
I’m addicted to your
Sweet kisses, give me my fix!
Let’s forget the world
Outside, I just don’t care.
Now, there’s just you & me
And your fingers through my hair…
I’ll wear your love
Like a precious necklace,
As long as you stay
With me by the fireplace!


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