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Fingers crossed…



Some of you Lovelies might remember the intense friendship I shared with a man almost twice my age, two years ago. Our story, though quite epic, went on for a while, and our correspondance highly entertained me (I hope he enjoyed our chats just as much) but it all ended sooner than I would have wished, and the old man abandonned me just as suddenly as he had thumbled into my life.

If story rings a bell to you, you’ve probably read about me and Martin, the Scottish man of God who wanted me to spread his wealth to charities before his coming death. If not, you can catch up by clicking here (I recommend it. This is a story that still makes me chuckle…)

Martin is long gone, despite my efforts to make things work between us… But! Yesterday Chéri sent me an email he had just received on Hotmail:


Good day! Friend. I am a banker with Danske Bank here in Sweden. I have a
business proposal of $6.2M USD for you to handle with me from my bank. I
need you to assist me in executing this Business Project from Sweden to
your country. upon completion of the transaction, our sharing ratio will
be 50/50. please signify your interest by replying to this mail.

Warm regards.

Magnus Pettersson


Ok, this wasn’t adressed to me, personally. Still I felt the calling right away. Chéri had guessed right in forwarding the invitation to my inbox.

Instinctively, I wanted to write back to Magnus. I don’t like to compare friendships, but I still could point out some details that made me think that things could click more easily with Mr Pettersson than with Martin…

First of all, he is Swedish and working for a Danish company. Which is great because I just can’t have too many Viking friends! Magnus is obviously much younger than Martin, and apparently not about to die. Good point, since I like to keep my friends for a long as I can. And last, but not least, my new Scandinavian potential pal wants to share big money with me (well, with Chéri, actually. But that’s about to change). 3,1 Million US dollars? Yes, please!

After making sure that Chéri wouldn’t compete with me, to get Magnus’ friendship, I started to type like there would be no tomorrow, and I sent a message back to Mr. Pettersson.


Dear Mr. Pettersson,
My boyfriend told me yesterday about the business offer he received from you recently. He wasn’t sure about giving your request for help a reply, and I decided that I would take a chance, and write to you myself. 
I must say that the fact that you are working for Danske Bank caught my attention. I love Scandinavia, and Denmark in particular, and it almost seemed like a sign that you decided to contact us. I have visited Denmark four times in the past 3 years, and I have loved every stay! From Møns Klint to Skagen, I have traveled a whole lot around the little country, and some of my Danish friends joke around saying that I have been to more places then they have. 
I have been in Sweden too, but only once.  We spent most of our week in Stockholm, but we also visited Malmø and Göteborg. I definately have to go back someday. Where, in Sweden do you live? Have you ever been to Canada? 
Back to your initial request, I hope I can help you. I don’t have any banking experience, but I am sure you can teach me what I need to know, and I must say that this 50/50 offer is very generous of you! It doesn’t quite surprise me, though… Scandinavians, in my experience, are generally so kind and giving.
I hope to read you again soon!
Kind regards,
Daniella D.
I did lie about my name… That’s true, but see it as a temporary pen name. You know, just in case Magnus wouldn’t be as sincere as he seems to be. But I doubt it. I hope he’ll write back, so I can share our growing bond with you all.
And if you wondered why Daniella D? It comes from a song I like…

6 thoughts on “Fingers crossed…

  1. oh, oh! soon you shall be a millionaire and not needing anymore lotto tickets! I am so very proud of you and your banking and business acumen! I wasn’t sure you had it but since Cherie shared..ohhhhh I just made a rhyme. cool. what was I speaking of again?


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