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Thank you Life…


For the positive people, that is.

You know, the kind of people who instinctively see the silver lining in everything. I’m not one of them, and that’s quite a shame. I try, oh, I try a lot! But it doesn’t come naturally, like it comes to them… Just not quite as easily.

Today was the coldest day of winter, so far. Minus 15 C with a minus 26 C sensation. Really, not that bad. But being the first day of intense cold, it is a bit like the first swim in springtime. The water feels cold when you dip your toes in, but once you’re up to your neck in the river (or lake, or ocean)… Well, it’s not that bad after all.

Soon, we’ll all be used to freezing temperatures again, but until that happens, we’ll whine and be grumpy, and complain about the temperature going lower and lower…

Which brings me to the beginning of this post; positive people.

The security guard at the office greeted me with his usual ear to ear smile, as I was about to leave the building after my day of work. He is a tall well built black man, and he definately is a natural at being positive.

Talking about how cold it was outside, he smiled again and told me:

Well, you won’t have to worry about moskitos!

Dang right I won’t… And that positive attitude gave me something to smile about for my short walk home.


9 thoughts on “Thank you Life…

  1. Gotta love the security guards attitude. Today in the drug store I passed an elderly man waiting for his prescription to be filled. I said hello and added “How are you today?” . I then got pretty much the life story of his last week. He’d had a fall, banged his head and arm and had to be taken to the ER at our local hospital. then he smiled and said that nothing had been broken. I told him that was great and very lucky as this meant he did not have to wear a cast and do any physio when it came off and he would be back to normal soon. He gave me a huge smile. So that is my positive attitude story for today.


  2. This man sounds like a happy man, we need more of them.
    To be able to stay positive demands practice Cyranny. By each time it becomes more easy and one day, it feels natural to stay with a positive minding.


  3. It’s lovely when it is genuine, terrible when it’s just painted on, and sad but admirable when someone genuinely paints it on and tries very hard because they are carrying a lot or something dark or both … this guy sounds genuine 🙂 It is amazing how just being nice and kind with no expectations can lift other people …

    Personally, I’m great at Weltschmerz … but I smile at it like an old friend …


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