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She made me cry, just about as much she made me dance… And if a movie was to be made about my teenage years, she’d cover a good part of the soundtrack.

Marie Fredriksson, singer of the Swedish world known band Roxette, has passed away, yesterday morning. At the age of 61, she lost her battle against cancer after 17 years of fighting.

It is pretty rare that I feel affected when an artist dies. I mean, I am sorry for their family’s loss, but I don’t get sad or anything, because I don’t know these people personally, even if I admire them a lot.

Marie’s death saddens me. Lucky for us, her voice will remain… And here are a few reminders of her singing with her partner (although they weren’t a couple) of the last 33 years, Per Gessle.






Some of my personal favorites, although not as well-known…





RIP, Marie!

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