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Queen of the road…




When work was over, she walked home with a wide smile on her face… The day was absolutely perfect, warm but not too hot, not a cloud in the sky.

People had their own means to relax after their job was done. Yoga and meditation were quite hype at the moment. Some others prefered to express themselves through art… Damn, one of her colleagues had even offered her to come and try her boxing classes. That wasn’t for her.

Turning the key in the lock, she walked into her apartment, just long enough to drop her bag and grab her coat on the way to the garage. There awaited her sweet ride.

She had inherited the old motorcycle from her dad. And with that, his love of the road. She sometimes wondered if any of her students had ever imagined her as a biker. Probably not… They most likely pictured her as a furious knitter with half a dozen aging cats running about the house.

She didn’t mind.

After pushing her beauty into the driveway, she closed the garage door, and sat on the bike. Starting the engine, she felt the adrenaline already building up, or was it just anticipation?

She tightened her helmet, and gave some gas to pull out of the driveway. There were only a couple of blocks to go before she could get on the highway, and that’s when the fun really began. Leaning on the gas tank, she was one with the bike, and the feline roar lulled her and chased her worries away. There was something raw about the vibration of the engine between her thighs. Far, faraway from the image she had built for the kids.

She rode along the coast for a while, watching the fishing boats coming back to the shore. The sun was slowling coming down, and she hoped she’d get to her destination before it met the horizon.

When on her motorcycle, she felt wild and alive. She loved her job and her quiet life, but nothing surpassed these blistfull moments away from it all. She loved the freedom, and the exhilarating feeling of speed. She wouldn’t go as far as to say that she was ”cool”, but maybe not so far from it.

When she stopped on top of the cliff, she killed the engine and sat back on the bench. Looking over the valley, she sighed. She couldn’t possibly recall how many times her dad had brought her there, strapped like a monkey on his back on the very same bike. It was their spot… Her spot now.

She wiped a tear from her cheek, and slipped the key in the ignition again. She needed to go back to the city. She had exams to rate and her cat to feed.

Putting her helmet on, she made the engine roar.

She’d be back soon, and soon again, and again. On her dad’s ride, she was the Queen of the road.


#NovemberNotes2019 – In Illusions of Order by Red Sparowes


In response to November Notes Writing Challenge by  Sarah Doughty of Heartstring 




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