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Random Danish memories…


If you are a regular in The Cove, you’re probably familiar with hygge, and everything hyggelig by now.

From the same family, I like also like the word hyggekrog and the concept behind it. A hyggekrog is a corner of your home, usually a nook, where you can spend time and relax. It often involves soft blankets, fluffy pillows and pleasant lighting.

I believe that giving everyone a hyggekrog would help make our world a much better place!


Sometimes, (at least, I think so) a hyggekrog can be found outside too. And here’s one of mines.




In the middle of Østre Anlæg, an oasis of a park in the Eastern part of Aalborg, I have found (and claimed as mine and mine only) this bench, by the lake’s shore.

Everytime I stop in Aalborg, I make sure to spend a couple of hours there, enjoying the view, appreciating the quietness, meditating and feeding the ducks and swans (I’m not supposed to, but I can’t help it!)

Each time I sat there, I felt something special while sharing my little tête à tête with Sankt Markus Kirke (St-Marc Church).



The view from my bench.


I wish you all, to find your own hyggekrog. Nearby or far away, I think it is important to have a happy place to go to, or to think of, when things aren’t just as good as you’d wish them to be….

6 thoughts on “Random Danish memories…

  1. I thought I understood hygge until I went to Denmark and the Danes were like ‘Nahhhhhhhhh, girl you’re all wrong’. Their way of life is so lovely there. That bench and that view look so peaceful ❤


  2. Nice memories, Cyranny 🙂
    I think, the reason for us Danes to call it a hyggekrog is, that the weather call for at least one in each house or home. When it is cold or wet outside, it is wonderful to have such one to go to.


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