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std fear


She didn’t want to know…

It was painful enough just to breathe right now. She just wanted to go back to sleep. To sleep for a long long while. Forever, if needed.

He was gone.

She would live without him, but she didn’t want to. He had been too good to her, had always been there for her, had saved her from her demons. And in the end, he had left.

She was good at denying the obvious… When she had awakened alone in the white linen, she had honestly thought he was just out of the apartment to jog a little, or perhaps to get something fresh for breakfast.

It was so unfair… She had tried and tried again to please him. She wanted to be his, and his only. She had made so many sacrifices to keep him close. And she just couldn’t stand to believe he had left her.

She wished he would be back soon, but almost all his belongings had disappeared with him. Nothing of him lingered in her sorry home, but the smell of his perfume. ”Bastard!” she thought.

The touch of his viril fingers on her delicate skin was a cruel souvenir. She wanted him back, now.

She could have texted him… Or given him a call. But she knew it was worthless. She’d rather deny her defeat than face the truth.

The pictures were there, inches from her fingers.

In the white envelope, lying on his pillow, she had peeked and seen her with all her conquests. She had just fucked it up.


But she didn’t want to know….



#NovemberNotes2019 – Recreational by Aaron Krause


In response to November Notes Writing Challenge by  Sarah Doughty of Heartstring 




2 thoughts on “Denial…

  1. Catherine, this is so deep. During my darkest moments of depression and suicidal ideation, my ex treated with me as a discard, a throw-away.
    Then again, I was fortunate to get away from him. He was a narcissist who built me up, just to tear me apart.
    Excellent writing!!!


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