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Good evening, Lovelies…

The last 24 hours or so were on the quiet side, in The Cove. I know… I was away, for a one day trip back to my hometown for a celebration.

If there’s one thing 2019 taught me, it is that Mom and Dad aren’t immortal, and that I should cherish every moment spent with them.

November 16th is Mom’s birthday, and I decided at the last minute, that my main gift to her would be to be by her side, far from my cell phone and tablet, and not worrying about stats and the like.

Back to our regular program in the morning!

And, again…. Happy birthday, Mommy 🙂

6 thoughts on “Celebration…

  1. Wonderful! As a 70 year old Mum myself I really appreciate the efforts my son and daughter make to spend time with me and my husband.I think they know we are not forever. Good for you Katherine for making time for your Mum.


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