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She Empathy…



To say that he had doubts about this strange encounter would have been an understatement…

This was plain weird, to begin with. He didn’t believe in any of that new age stuff. But what did he have to lose? He hadn’t slept a single night through since it had happened. The pain and the fear that lingered despite his efforts to forget made it almost impossible to eat and hold a decent meal.

He was miserable, and he had to try it.

Seeing a therapist was out of question. He just wouldn’t do it. But if the rumors were right, he’d only have to meet her this once. If they were just that, rumors, well… He didn’t want to think about what would come next.

The rules were simple. He had to wait for her there, tell her what had happened, and not ask her anything. He wasn’t too excited about sharing his (dark) thoughts with a total stranger, but in the same way, he knew he could never do it with someone familiar…

He didn’t know what she looked like, how she’d be dressed, or how old she was. How would he even recognize her when she’d get to the café?

But when she made the door bell ring, he just knew. The place wasn’t crowded, yet there were many men sitting by themselves around. Still, she walked straight to him, and without introduction, she sat across from him, and pushed his tea cup aside.

She wasn’t particularly pretty, but the moment she laid her large hazel eyes on him, the surrounding conversations seemed to dim down to mere whispers, making him feel like they were alone in the room.

She nodded his way, inviting him to start talking.

Without much conviction he started telling his story. Brushing rough lines to begin with, he felt a little silly, but her soft stare followed his every words, and almost uncounsciously, he started adding more and more details, exposing the nightmare that had almost destroyed him, not so long ago.

Probably sensing they were getting to the most troubling part, she reached out her hand across the table, and gently curled her slim long fingers around his. Although what he was sharing with her was pure horror, he felt compelled to tell her everything.


He just knew she took no pleasure in listening to his story. Her eyes twitched at the description of the worst details, and she teared up when his voice trembled. She hadn’t spoken a word, still he had the conviction that she understood. Her gentle gaze, the feeling of her trembling palm against his… Her whole being was resonating with him, scared with him, hurting with him, angry with him.

As he came to the epilogue of his experience, his anxiety had almost vanished. He felt lighter than he would have wished. The rumors were right, after all. She did have a little something. A huge something. He wiped his eyes, and for the first time in months, he smiled.

Understanding that her job was done, she released his hand, and stood up.

Wait! I just want to…

He looked down to his coat, resting on the chair beside him. Reaching for his wallet, he wanted to give her a little something even if he had been told she met people like him for free. Pulling a couple of bills out, he turned her way, ready to express all his gratitude.

But she was gone.

He hadn’t heard the bell ring on her way out.

Gone like a ghost….


#NovemberNotes2019 – Empathy by Audiomachine


In response to November Notes Writing Challenge by  Sarah Doughty of Heartstring 




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