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I remember well, how I once swore that I couldn’t possibly live through a day without you.

I was convinced that walking the Earth, if it lacked your presence, was worthless. I crawled through each day, wishing that my aching misery would win me enough pity to bring you back. I spent endless nights one-way dealing with the Devil… I would have bled myself dry, just for a glance, for a minute in your arms, one last kiss. I would have given up my sight to make your eyes sparkle once more, my voice to hear your wholehearted laughter again, my life to know you’d go on…

Losing you was unfair. Cruel beyond belief.

Until that day.

Standing in a crowd, I met an anonymous gaze that felt more than familiar. And I heard that song that you loved to sing to me, and I caught myself smiling. That day, when I realized that I only had to close my eyes to see you clearer than in any dream. And suddenly, I didn’t feel so lonely, anymore.

At last, your death stopped haunting me in my dreams. Instead, you rocked and lulled me night after night…

I hadn’t lost you. I was granted a guardian angel!



#NovemberNotes2019 – What I wouldn’t give by We the Kings


In response to November Notes Writing Challenge by  Sarah Doughty of Heartstring 



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