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Perfectly unfit…



As night unfolds its thousands of shadows, dressing the city in a tailored black cape, my mind wanders, and the questions flow. I sit, cold, agitated and clueless. I wait for you. Every night, I wait.

We’re perfect together, you could never deny that. We’re good, so good for each other. Our souls sing in perfect harmony, we connect. You complete me, just as I complete you. Everything about you I adore…

And yet…

There’s that thing between us, that keeps us in a constant push and pull game. It’s almost insane. As if allowing our skins to meet, would kill the magic. Would kill the spark in our yearning eyes. Hungry for each other, knowing we are toxic. Take a bite, and the romance dies.

It’s kind of sad, really.

We’re like fitting pieces, just from two different puzzles. And it has become hard to say if we are engaged in a duel or a duet…

Still, I wait. Shivering in the darkness, I wait for you still. Longing for your sweet talk, feeding on my most secret fantasies. Ready to keep you at arm’s lenght. Because we’re like that.

Made for each other, just not meant to be together.

Maybe we’re just both heading home, with keys that don’t fit the same door.



#NovemberNotes2019 – Low Roar by Bones


In response to November Notes Writing Challenge by  Sarah Doughty of Heartstring 



5 thoughts on “Perfectly unfit…

  1. You’re infectious baby
    I’ve got the disease
    I’m burning up
    Thirty eight degrees

    Sweetheart keep your distance
    Please don’t touch
    I can take some rejection
    But I can’t take much

    I’ve got this burning love
    It feels so pure
    But it’s a hot infestation
    And there ain’t no cure

    I tried some meditation
    With the doctor of love
    And I promised dedication
    To the Lord above

    But the Lord said nothing
    He said he didn’t understand
    Said he was far too busy
    So that he couldn’t lend a hand

    So I took to medication
    Ignored the hymns and the psalms
    This is going to kill me, darling
    Please let me die in your arms.


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