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Cyranny’s quickie!




Tell me about an opportunity Life has put on your way, once, that you didn’t take and wish you had.



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13 thoughts on “Cyranny’s quickie!

  1. I had a year in France scheduled as an exchange student in my junior year of high school . I missed the final French exam, and it was mandatory for the students in order to go.


      1. That’s lovely
        But now that you mention it I realise that my answer to Cyranny’s question was not completely honest. I did drop out of university on day 2 …… but I have never regretted it.

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  2. Once upon a time I ventured within the sandstone walls of Sydney University and enrolled in a double degree in Law and Economics. My marks from the school exams were possibly a fluke or more likely a clerical error – but good enough to get me the gig. I signed on the dotted line. Name. Address. My mother stood proudly beside me.
    That was all it took to become an enrolled student in a prestigious university for two prestigious degrees.
    My next visit to that university was 20 something years later to watch my son play football. Nobody had missed me.


  3. When I have recognised an opportunity…I have usually made sure I thought about it…so I don’t have any regrets over decisions I made. They felt right, I was happy to live with those decisions. A couple of marriage proposals, jobs, promotions, opportunities to travel…stuff like that.

    I do feel bad at times though that without realizing it I screwed up what could have been an opportunity. I remember once, I had just finished a really tough twelve hour night shift…I was so tired. On the minibus I was a passenger on (taking me back to my accomodation) were a team of crazy loud girls. I was so tired and they were singing at the top of their voices. I think I had that…”help me I want to get off this bus look” without realizing it. Anyway, one of the girls said to another “someone is giving us daggers”. I was almost asleep, it took me a while to realize they meant me. They were all quite unfriendly with me for the next couple of years (I crossed paths with them regularly). I think they only warmed to me when they volunteered to work in our infirmary and I had to train them and worked with them during night shifts. When they finally realized what a night could be like…I felt them soften towards me. But it was a shame. I would have loved their friendship during my first couple of years in London. Nevermind.

    Lesson learnt….try to smile even when you are tired. Oh and never judge someone else because you think they are giving you funny looks.

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