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Just a break…



The phone hadn’t rung twice, after hitting the ”dial” button.

Hey Gorgeous, how are you doing today?

She felt her cheeks flushing, to the sound of his voice. Everytime was like discovering it for the first time. She felt him smiling at the other end of the line, and what a smile that was.

She walked back and forth, kicking the dead leaves covering the sidewalk.

Where are you, now?

From the background noises, she could tell he was in his pickup truck.

Oh, you know, in between jobs…. 

He used to build houses, but he was the ambitious type, and in the short time she had come to know him, he had made himself the foreman of many building sites around the area. ”All for he better” she thought. Less risks, more responsabilities… A little more time off, and she sure wouldn’t complain about that.

I’m still a little worn out, I partied a bit too hard last weekend.

That explained his silence of the last couple of days… He giggled, saying he wouldn’t drink a single drop of alcohol for the following month.

We’re not 20 anymore, are we?

She wished she had been at that party. Downing shooters like teenagers, discovering the fun of getting drunk.

I have to go, I was on a break but the job’s calling!

He sighed, she loved how he did that.

Call me tomorrow, Gorgeous.

The request made her smile, did he feel that?

I will… Maybe.

6 thoughts on “Just a break…

  1. A phone call from a lover
    A little tale to cover
    Every hidden part
    Of his meaning
    And of his heart
    Just the start
    Of his scheming
    To keep the ball in play
    But never to say
    Who will win or lose
    But to choose
    In his head
    To hold possession
    With no aggression
    And no eyes
    But instead
    With carefully crafted lies
    That will not say. Or betray
    What has been rehearsed
    And so sweetly conversed

    He has thrown you a rope
    But it is your choice to be naïve
    So you believe
    What you would hope
    To be true
    And conceive
    Of something new
    To a dream
    Of your joy
    For this boy
    All alone
    On the phone
    Only a call
    You don’t see him at all
    Pretending he would really care
    Pretending he is really there

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