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Just like a fairy…



Her life was made of a rosary of little rituals.

Meaningless rituals she made up as she went. Sometimes he wondered if she half-lived in a parallel dimension. Because of that, most people called her odd, but he prefered thinking that she was unique and excentric.

She sat on the park bench, barefooted and her toes wiggled as she gave a close look at her bag of peanut M&Ms. Her bright blue polish contrasted with the yellow packaging, and fit perfectly with her saphir toe nails. Of course it did, saphir was September’s color, after all, and soon they would change the calendar page, and she would go October orange.

It was an incredibly warm autumn, it wasn’t often that they could enjoy both the change of colors in the neighbourhood’s trees, and the hot remnants of summer. It made her hum almost constantly and he loved to hear her joyous tunes.

She picked the first candy from the bag, and held it between her teeth for a moment, cracking delicately the sweet shell. Just as she always did, she let the chocolate melt on her tongue, before pulling the clean peanut out of her lips.

He wasn’t the only one used to her weird habits, and two squirrels were already waiting patiently, a couple of feet away from their bench. Considering her furry audience, she rolled the peanut between her thumb and index before throwing it in the grass to the squirrels’ delight. She popped a new M&M in her mouth, before the nut had touched the ground.

She had all these little things that she did, or didn’t do, or in most cases just didn’t do like anybody else would have done them. But she hated explaining herself. So he usually didn’t ask questions, but occasionnally, his curiosity was just too strong.

Do you even like peanuts? Because I am sure that the squirrels would be fine if you ate them, and it would save you a lot of trouble…

After giving him a puzzled look, she broke into laughter. She giggled so wholeheartedly that she had trouble explaining she thought he wanted her to eat the squirrels. Catching her breath, she chose another candy, threw it in her mouth, and turned his way.

No, I don’t really like peanuts.

She wiped her teary eyes with her sleeve, and checked if her reaction had made the rodents run away. But they were still sitting in the grass, and she threw the nut at them.

You know they make peanutless M&Ms, right?

Of course, she knew. She scootched over and slipped a sweet bead in his mouth.

But every once in a while, I get a peanut M&M without a peanut in it. Twice the chocolate, and the chance to make a wish.

She had said that as if it were an evidence. And maybe it was… In her world, where all the rules seemed to be bent a little. And he loved that about her. How she found meaning in absolute nonsence. And how she let him stay by her side, even if he didn’t get her, at all.

For an hour or so, he watched her feeding the two squirrels, dying to ask her what she’d wish for, when she got that random perfect M&M again. But she wouldn’t tell him anyway.

Just like he couldn’t tell how he felt about her. He had tried once or twice, but she never seemed to pick up his subtle hints. Maybe she didn’t want to, as she had never expressed the will to find a significant other. And he had decided that she was a fairy.

She complained about the air getting frisky. He bent down to pick up her socks, and handed them her way. She smiled and covered her feet. Soon, she would disappear like she always did.

Just like a fairy…

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