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Wounded Angel…



Oh fallen angel,
Fragile silhouette
What, in Heaven’s
Name happened to you?
Are you crying
Behind your snow white
Blindfold, or are
They just protecting
From the ugliness of
Our ungrateful world?
Oh angel,
Beautiful creature
Where are they
Taking you? Shouldn’t
You be the one
Guarding us?
Your arched shoulders
Ruffled feathers,
Were meant to become
A masterpiece…
Inspiration for a nation
Giving a voice
To the young and
The old-er.
Oh fallen angel,
Fragile silhouette
What, in Heaven’s
Name happened to you?


8 thoughts on “Wounded Angel…

  1. Fallen Angel. Rising Star
    Tell me where you’ve been so far
    Tell me all that I might see
    If I should be so heavenly
    Tell me of my God above
    Tell me of His boundless love
    But. Tell me. Did you have some doubt?
    Is that why He cast you out?

    Did you look, but could not see?
    His precious holy trinity?
    Did you think, but could not say
    That there might be another way?
    Did you touch, but could not feel
    Everything He claimed was real?
    Did you see the acrobat?
    Angel. Did you smell a rat?

    You felt him in your breath. Your air
    You felt Him here. You felt Him there
    You felt Him in your heart. Your core
    You need not feel Him anymore
    This is His night. This is your day
    You didn’t need Him anyway
    For He was never there at all
    So. Angel. Let me break your fall

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    1. Thank you, Beckie 🙂 This was inspired by the above painting, which is iconic in Finland. I should post about it later tonight. I saw a documentary about it yesterday, and it stuck in the back of my mind 😉

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