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Cyranny’s Jukebox…



Sometimes, old loves come back to tickle your heartstrings, without a warning.

RoBERT is a French singer that had to mourn her first passion (professional dancing) because of health issues. She was (and I hope still is) good friends with my absolute favorite writer, Amélie Nothomb, who immortalized her in one of her novels.

Both ladies share an oddness that has always appealed to me.

Not everybody likes RoBERT’s unusal high pitched voice, but if you listen closely, I doubt you’ll be able to deny the emotion it carries. Even if you don’t understand the French lyrics.

I hope some of you will enjoy this song… It is my favorite, from the self-proclaimed princess.


12 thoughts on “Cyranny’s Jukebox…

      1. No chance of making me sick, no matter how long you go on sharing 😉

        I just can’t listen to the links right now, but I can’t wait to binge listen to all of them, and share my thoughts (and I must say you’ve definately caught my attention by mentionning Leonard…. *sigh*)


      2. It’s been a while, but I have… come to think of it, I think I saw the documentary before I fell for the man’s charms 😉 I’ll have to watch it again!


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