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Random Danish memories…




When you like a country, you long for its people and its sceneries… You want to taste its foods, and hear its music.

But when you love a country, you cherish its very ground.

I know it might sound exagerated. People might think it is a bit too much, but I disagree. What’s more Danish then Denmark itself? You can take every Dane out of the country, and wipe every house, every church, every castle from the land, but Denmark will remain.

After walking so many days all around Vikingland, I can say without the shadow of a doubt that the Footsies never felt more at home.

So it just felt natural that I wanted to bring a piece of Denmark back with me. Soil wasn’t a wise choice, given my history with customs, no matter how not-dangerous-at-all I am, as a traveler.

Sand, on the other hand, seemed pretty harmless. And I was probably right because nobody took my sample of Klitmøller’s beach away. I also brought back a number of rocks, as shown below…

Who knows, who might have walked the same steps I have? Karen Blixen? Hans Christian Andersen, may be some people from the Royal Family?? Mads Mikkelsen??? (awwww Mads… *sigh*)

Maybe over a number of years, I’ll have enough sand and rocks to make a little spot in my apartment, where I could stand barefooted and feel in Denmark of a moment. Or maybe I’ll just keep going, until the Queen grants me honorary citizenship.

One can dream, right?




12 thoughts on “Random Danish memories…

    1. Thank you Carol Anne 🙂 Yes, dreaming is a great fuel for living… Letting our inner child think that anything is possible is very good for the soul, I think! xx


    1. 🙂 That’s a good idea, I’ll have to discuss it with Chéri 😛 But having my own little Danish corner in our apartment would be a nice thing… I’ll sure give it a thought 🙂 xx

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  1. Is it Læsø Salt in the glass?
    Have you ever thought about searching for a job in Denmark, Cyranny? If you were lucky to find one, you could stay there more time.
    I like your stones, did you find them at Vesterhavet?

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    1. The first picture is actually sand from Klitmøller, but it is cool you mentionned Læsø salt, because that’s the gift I brought back for Chéri on my last trip (don’t worry, it’s a way cooler gift than it seems, Chéri really LOVES his salt :P) and I didn’t know it was “that” popular… I’ve googled it and I just found a good reason to lure him back to Vikingland – To visit the saltsyderi 🙂 🙂 🙂

      I do occasional researches, maybe when my Danish is better, I’ll have some chances of finding something that could allow me to move for at least a couple of years…. *fingers crossed*

      The rocks in the last picture come from different places all around Denmark… If my memory is good the top 2 are from Skagen, the 2 just under them are from Bagenkop in Langeland, and the 3 small ones from the Thy area 🙂

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      1. I haven’t heard much about the salt from Klitmøller, the Læsø Salt is more well known and famous. It should be healthy too and very expensive to buy.
        You can ask for jobs, where you can use your English too, like at this link:

        There are several places to look at, just search for jobs in English in Denmark and you will get several links. Look also at LinkedIn and good luck 😀
        You have around some beautiful places in Denmark with your rocks. Have you been at hunt for Amber too? Possible to find natural there.


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