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Cyranny’s quickie!




Are you afraid of death? Why, or why not?




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26 thoughts on “Cyranny’s quickie!

    1. I agree that there’s a difference between ”dying” and ”death”. I am affraid of going in a lot of pain, but not of death per se. I am sorry to read that both your parents had difficult deaths 😦

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  1. My short answer is that I am not scared of the kind of death that all of Adam’s offspring have experienced, because that is temporary. Our Creator promises to undo and and to wake up those who have died. He is longing to restore life to billions once He has cleaned this earth up. But I do not like the idea of permanent death, those who are so wicked that our Creator decided not to remember them at all and never to restore life to them.

    I wrote a long answer to this question in a post:

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    1. Thank you sharing this, Caramel! A very interesting and thorough analysis… I don’t know if you’ll agree, but facing a near death experience, I think it de-dramatizes the threat of Death. At least for me…


    1. I sure hope so, Gorgeous!! But I do understand the feeling. I remember how much of a relief it seemed back then. I lost most of my worries about death when I almost passed away after a surgery. I remember having a welcoming feeling when I was at my worst.

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    1. Oh, that’s a good point, Anne… I can’t believe that we have our pets put down out of love for them, to keep them from suffering too much. But we can’t let our loved ones go, when they are in too much pain to have an enjoyable life? It is a sensible subject, but for people with terminal illnesses, I think we should allow it.

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  2. I never was, no. An adrenaline junkie to the core as young dumbass, I didn’t even give having dangerous hobbies a second thought. Until I had kids. Changes everything. I still seek thrills, but limit near-death fun. I don’t fear death itself, as, in my line of work, I see frequently that it can sometimes be a blessing. What I do fear is leaving my boys before they’re grown and set, before my wife is taken care of financially, and/or not being there for milestones in the boys’ lives. If I get to be 100 and die? It’s ok. If I go to tomorrow? That’s a heartbreaking thought. Not like we get much choice in the matter though. πŸ˜ƒ

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      1. Honestly, if you’d asked me at 20 what age I’d live to, I’d have doubted I’d make it to 30. And of my nine lives, I know I used nearly all of them before 30. Being responsible for another life(lives) changes things to be sure.


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