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Random Danish memories…



Denmark has a bad reputation when it comes to weather…

I won’t deny it, it rains quite a lot, it’s windy and although Vikingland doesn’t get anywhere near as much snow as we do, it’s cold in the winter. But as the Scandinavian saying goes, there’s no bad weather, just bad clothing. (I think it is originally from Norway, but I heard Danes say it too)

Maybe that’s why Denmark is so very beautiful when the clouds part, and the sun peeks out.

This was taken on the day I went to Klitmøller. Needless to say it was a stunning day, warm and sunny, and just calling for a blind date with a place I had never seen before. I told you about this particular day, and if your a regular in The Cove, you might remember the private tour I got from a most handsome and generous bus driver of the area. *Sigh*

Klitmøller is also known as Cold Hawaï, and it is THE spot for surfers in Northern Europe, and I was lucky enough to visit there just before all the tourists arrived for summertime. I had the beach, and basically the whole place to myself.

Here are a few pictures taken, as I walked around Klitmøller, enjoying the sun’s warmth, the refreshing sea breeze and the amazing view…. Just before my kind bus driver showed up for his break in Cold Hawaï, allowing us to chit chat a little more, as we took a little walk along the beach.



I told you Klitmøller was a surfers’ spot.



I bet this parking lot is packed, as I write this post….



Retired boat… I can’t even dream about retirement yet. Lucky ship, retiring in DK!



Aloha from Cold Hawaï!




14 thoughts on “Random Danish memories…

  1. Nice memories, Cyranny 🙂
    Usually the boats are not retired in the winter. They come up to land for the winter to protect them against the saltwater, as also damage the boats. Sailors do often clean and paint their boats in the time, where it is too cold to sail anyway.

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