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Cyranny’s quickie!




What makes your heart skip a beat?




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14 thoughts on “Cyranny’s quickie!

  1. Getting a call and seeing on my phone screen that it is from the barn. I immediately hope it is not an emergency with my horse. That’s a negative heart skipping a beat. A positive one is seeing Idris Elba or Robert Redford in a film.

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    1. That ”negative” skipping reminds me of the time I saw Mom’s phone number on my phone screen, in the middle of the night. Heart skipping certainly isn’t always a good thing…


      1. OMG! Back in 1985-86 I was working as a security guard while going to college. He was working in IT for a company called Bell Communcations. We just clicked.
        We went out a few times, talked on the phone, etc… I thought we were ust really close friends. Sure there were moments when a kiss was exchanged, but nothing serious.
        I didn’t learn this until 4 years ago, that he really fell in love with me. He was so shy, he was afraid to do anything about it.
        1987 came around and that’s when I met my husband to be. To say the least this did not go over well.
        Anyway, fast forward. We are just starting and/or trying to reestablish and mend the old friendship. I’m sincerely hoping we can moe past the hurt I caused him back in the ’80’s. He’s such a warm and sensitive man.

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