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Carnal whispers…


Don’t talk,
don’t speak
don’t try
to seek…

Follow your instinct
hunt, track… 
Prey on me, be wild!
Let loose
the animal
that sleeps within.
I want you
all fangs, claws
and antlers…
Tear my fur and
pull my feathers
one by one.
Make me bare
nake me down
eat me up
make me moan!
Feast on my fresh
flushed flesh
until there’s absolutely
nothing left.

Don’t talk
don’t speak
don’t try
to seek…

Leave out the man,
release the beast!


20 thoughts on “Carnal whispers…

      1. As long as things are going forward…. It is all good. That’s what I keep telling my Dad. He had a stroke, a carotid surgery and triple by-pass last April, and he was quite challenged. Every step moving towards doing everything he used to be able to do is a victory… I hope you see it the same way 🙂 *Big hugs*

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  1. The day is turning
    Into night
    Can you feel
    My appetite?
    I hear your footsteps
    Taste your scent
    I trace you
    Everywhere you went
    I am the hunter
    You the prey
    And I will take you
    Come what may
    I thirst. I hunger. Lust. Desire.
    You are the fuel
    I am the fire
    You are the beauty
    And I the beast
    I am the greed
    You are the feast

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    1. Ohhhh this is a good one! Wow! I am sure I am not the only woman in the room who would get goosebumps getting this whispered to their ear 😉 Thank you, Brutus! xx


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